Production Music

We have a large library of production music to choose from from many different styles and genres of music to fit any context.

Using production music is a simple and affordable option for TV, Film, Radio or advertising with a clear licensing structure. If you would like to find out more about our catalogue or having any questions about using our production music please get in touch.

You can find examples of our work at our AB Music Production website with new music which is not yet licensed.

Production Music Clients

We have provided music for many labels including Extreme music, Lift music, Factual music, Plan 8 Music, Songs To Your Eyes, Altitude music, Getty production music, Digital vision, BMG, Imagem and Universal Production Music.

Our music has been used by all major TV and film companies, worldwide, and has featured on some iconic shows such as Law and Order, C.S.I., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cold Feet, The Late Night Show, and Coronation Street. to name a few….

If on the other hand you require bespoke music composition we can also provide this.

Arclite productions production music catalogue